The problematic challenge of vapourizing modern fuels is that the refinery process and additives make it a lot more difficult to vapourize fuel, (wimpy, flat fuel with no energy, like flat stagnant dead beer) which has been a fundamental process in various super carburetors and vapour carburetors.

Of course, next to nobody talks about :
fuel processing and actual fuel energy as in BTUs - British Thermal Units, (as we certainly not interested in using a bogus measuring unit, like in Europe),

or the molecular processing relating to various chemical composition in the fuel,

or the additives that actually reduce the fuel flamability or volitility or the ability to vapourize and explode in the process of combustion,

Of course nobody includes various people, entities and agencies or other nefarious organizations, especially the hypocrits and those engaged in the global warming hoax and climate change fraud and global tyranny super imposed with arbitary decree in the war against fossil fuels, independence, freedom, industry, enterprise, mobility and the power to get things done with vehicles, machinery, engines, fuels, fuel systems and innovation of private enterprise and individual creative imagination…

It may or not be within our considerable power to annilihate such profound ignorance, arrogance, stupidity and other acts of aggression, which apparently has no limits…however we can create an alternate reality by choice…and since the actual fuel sold to the public is "wimpy fuel" that barely moves your vehicle down the road, it stands to reason, in military speak to have "secure supply lines" this means "pure" "uncorrupted" "reliable" "available" not watered down or devitalized, and no fraudulent, criminal collusion, control freak DEF bullshitt technology either….